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March 8-9, 2013 (Fri/Sat): Personalized Periodontal Medicine at the Rock Barn Golf & Spa Conover, N.C.

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Impact Dental Solutions will be in North Carolina March 8th and 9th , 2013

Personalized Periodontal Medicine

Advancing The Health of: Your Patients, Your Team, Your Practice

Dr. Doug Thompson

Sponsored by: Blue Ridge Kois Study Group

Fri. Sat. March 8-9, 2013 at the Rock Barn Golf & Spa Conover, N.C.

This lecture is designed to introduce the practice of a “Personalized Periodontal Medicine” concept, featuring the use of salivary diagnostics. By telling patients their periodontal story you can empower them to change the end of their story! This course will demonstrate that saliva testing is a key factor in diagnosis of disease. A thorough understanding of the oral systemic link, a standardized periodontal protocol, complemented with the use of salivary diagnostics, provides an opportunity for significant professional and practice growth for your office.

Featuring a series of case studies, you will see that practicing this way is 21st century periodontal care. A complete implementation system and a systematic process, including a series of patient educational materials, will be briefly outlined and offered for purchase. Utilizing this comprehensive approach you can radically transform your practice and demonstrate to your patients your true concern for their well-being.


  • How to increase periodontal awareness of your patients and your team
  • Feature case studies that show bacteria and genetic susceptibility testing (salivary diagnostics), and the benefits of both
  • Key points to establish a customized written periodontal protocol
  • How to relate the periodontal diagnosis to future periodontal risk
  • Establish a customized periodontal plan as a long-term strategy for managing periodontal and general health

Would you like to differentiate yourself from the dental office down the street?

Do you want to have healthier patients?

Do opportunities for significant professional and financial growth interest you?

Are you aware of the benefits of using salivary diagnostics?

Personalized Periodontal Medicine: The Future is Here! Advancing the Health of Your Patients, Your Team and Your Practice!

Schedule of Events

Rock Barn Golf & Spa

Friday March 8

7:30 am—5 pm Doctors and Staff

Optional evening dinner for doctors

Saturday March 9

7:30 am—12 pm doctors only follow up meeting

Breakfast for Doctors and Staff provided on Friday

Breakfast for doctors provided on Saturday

Lunches and Dinners a la carte for doctors and staff in dining room


“Doug and part of his staff came to NY to train our staff and two other offices from our tribe last fall. It was a great experience, highly worthwhile and tremendously organized. Exceeded expectations and we are getting amazing results. The protocols seamlessly fit with all we learn at The Kois Center.” Steve Acker DDS Kois Center Mentor

“Prior to coming to this course I thought “here we go again, another sales pitch” however; Dr. Thompson’s genuine passion enthusiasm, and commitment to achieving optimal overall health starting with the gateway (oral cavity) and its impact on overall proved my prior thoughts wrong.” Pamela Hartsey RDH NY

“As a Kois trained dentist I believe this course gives us a very comprehensive system for maintaining and delivering optimum periodontal health for our patients.” Mike Palmer DDS Kois Center CI


Blue Ridge Kois Study Group is a small group of Kois Center alumni. We are limited in number to 9 members. Our goal is to facilitate an opportunity for alumni to experience Doug Thompson closer to home and expand their Kois Center training with an in depth look at advances in periodontal diagnosis and treatment .

Tuition $950

There is a flat fee for each doctor for the day and a half event. This fee includes all staff members.

Variable costs are lunch and dinner.

Course Limited to 20 Offices

Registration and Tuition due by February 15th

Submit Form and Tuition Check to:

Dr. Chris Reese 3034 Oxford St. Claremont, N.C. 28610

Fax 1-828-459-1997



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