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Testimonials Perio Course

Dear Doug,

I just wanted to say thank you. What you have done for my team and I will never be forgotten. Your full day periodontal class has completely transformed the way we practice dentistry. The knowledge gained from this course has not only empowered my staff, but is making a true difference in the lives of my patients. Your organized implementation strategy was as easy as pie to follow and your support following the course was icing on the cake! Thanks for your exceptional efforts. They were truly appreciated.

Thankfully yours,

Justin Newingham, DDS
Newingham Dental Center, LLC
Careers in Dental Assisting, LLC




Dear Doug,

The Oral DNA diagnostic and treatment protocols that we have implemented in our practice have both improved the level of periodontal care that we can provide to our “at risk” patients, and the productivity and effectiveness of our Hygiene Department.

Our hygienists are excited about the care they are able to provide, and how they are able to help our patients. Impact Dental solutions and your training were amazing in allowing our implementation of the protocols to happen quickly, and efficiently. This is greatly due to both the training that you provided in our day of training, and the post training support of you and your staff, which is amazing.

The fact that you provided us with all necessary forms and documents made the transition seamless. This is unusual for new protocols and technologies that we have brought to our practice in these times.
Thanks again for your help and inspiration in this endeavor.

Best Regards,

Steve Acker DDS and the Elite Dental of Staten Island Team